Newark Business Hub Kickoff

December 9, 2015

Went to an excellent event, the kickoff for the Newark Business Hub ( My friend and steadfast supporter of the City Love Tour, Jeff Billingsley,  invited me…and the whole local City Love Tour team to the event. The NBH’s mission is “To provide resources and coaching to those creative individuals at the tipping-point of their business success and, in so doing, marshal and multiply the economic reach of their contributions.” So a lot of folks there were creative artists from the local Newark area. Many I don’t know, but a I talked to many great and interesting folks. The message of the NBH is right on. Helping people who contribute art and beauty to society thrive economically and professionally allowing them to further expand the reach of their creative enterprises. The City Love Tour is directly aligned with this mission to bring together those in the creative arts with one another and with the business, client and partner individuals, connecting them on the human level to expand the potential for greater creativity, novel partnership and opportunity that goes both ways. We’re excited to see where our partnership with the Newark Business Hub takes all of us. I love what Jeff says, “It’s already happening!” because it is. Stay connected!

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